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It ALL Revolves Around Food
September 29, 2010, 8:52 pm
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For me, it’s all about food.  Good food.  Interesting food.  Delicious food.  I will pass on poor quality food, because I have embraced the attitude that life is too short to eat icky, crappy food.  (And I’m lucky enough to have the economic ability to support my attitude.)

I have embodied this ideal for long enough now that I even take a  pass on milk chocolate.  Well, American milk chocolate anyway.  And I don’t even feel bad about it.

I know!  Absorb that.

You know who doesn’t embody this attitude?  My 13 year old son, Mason.  Nope.  Mason is all about mass consumption, all the time.  Except for when he’s sleeping.  He’s 6’2” tall, 150lbs, and these days, if he’s awake, he’s starving. 

Every morning Mason eats breakfast, and walks out the door with a “snack” to eat at the bus stop.  This snack is large enough to be what most of us might refer to as a second breakfast.  He takes a lunch bag and a snack bag with him to school every day.  The contents of this snack bag is what most of us would refer to as a second lunch.

The moment he walks in the door from school, he starts trolling for food, and usually doesn’t stop until his snack that he eats right before he brushes his teeth.  If you saw this snack, you’d probably refer to it as a second dinner.

Here’s a conversation that transpired on Monday:

Mason: (front door not shut yet) Are there any tasty numinses?  I’m hungry.

Elle:  Yep, I went to the store today.  Help yourself.

Mason:  Oh cool!  I love this Special K cereal.  OOOH!  and cuties.  I love these little oranges!

E:  (after his 2nd bowl of cereal and while he’s reaching for his 4th orange) Be careful, if you eat too many oranges, they could hurt your stomach.

M:  No, I’m fine.  Last time I ate 7 of them and I was fine.

Two hours later, when sitting down for dinner:

E:  You don’t look so good Mason.

M:  I think those oranges gave me heartburn.

E:  Well, eat a little dinner and maybe you’ll feel better.

Mason then asks to be excused from the table after only one large burger.

Davie-O inquires as to whether or not Mason is ill.

E:  No  he’s fine.  He had 2 bowls of cereal and 4 oranges just 2 hours ago.

M:  Actually, I had 3 bowls of cereal and 6 oranges…..

Less than 2 hours after the burger, Mason had another bowl of cereal before he went to bed.  He left the box on the table, and when I picked it up to put it away I found that it was empty.  In the course of 4 hours, he ate an entire box of cereal.  By himself.


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hmm… I used to be concerned that my 17 y/o never eats. This makes me wonder if I should be thankful! Wow.

Comment by DaNell

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