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Back Up and Running
May 16, 2011, 10:55 pm
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I have, very clearly, been taking a break from writing; It became not fun for me for a while, so I took a break. And now, after a few nudging emails from my most devoted fan base (thank you Kari and Lynn), I’m back at it.

So many things happening at Chez Star these days! Shall I regale you with on offhand list? It’s my blog, so I think I shall….

It snowed this morning. This very morning, May 16th. I’m trying not to get bent out of shape about it, but I have wholeheartedly decided to embrace the fact that I really super dislike being cold and therefore I loathe winter. And now it’s snowing in May. MAY!

Davie-O has been traveling. A lot. And by a lot, I mean for a few months there, he was gone something like 9 weeks out of 11. AND? He spent the whole entire time he was gone taunting me with daily photos of the delicious and beautiful things he was eating. These photos usually popped into my inbox just about the time I was having my bowl of cereal for dinner. (Again, I would like to commend those of you who do the job of parenting in a single sort of fashion. I don’t care if you have just one child, that’s tough duty, and my hat is off to you.)

At some point during the afore-mentioned 11 weeks, I became overwhelmed by the exhaustion brought on by constantly riding my kids to put their stuff away. You know how they always seem to put their shoes right by the shoe bin, but not in it? Coats on the floor, 48 inches below where the hangers are hanging? Backpacks on the floor, 54 inches below the backpack hooks? Lacrosse sticks ON THE KITCHEN TABLE? In a fit of fit pitching (where I stopped just short of stomping my foot), I told the kids they were going to have to pay me $1 to get back every item I had to pick up (and just to be clear, a pair of shoes counts as TWO items!). Twenty seven dollars later, I’m really not having to pick much up. And yes, I really did take my children’s money. And yes, I really really enjoyed the flank steak sandwich, fresh squeezed OJ, chocolate croissant, movie and popcorn I purchased with their money. I did, however, take even more enjoyment out of telling them all about the stuff I bought with their money.

Davie-O’s aunt died of breast cancer. It’s always a sad thing when someone dies of cancer.

Mason went to the state MathCounts competition. He now enjoys math more than ever. I know.

Cutter decided it would be a great idea to shave off the outer half of each eyebrow. He looks remarkably like Spock.

Isabelle was labeled “the scary redhead” by players on other lacrosse teams, as in her attempt to cultivate a competitive spirit she developed a habit of growling at the player she was guarding. And that is just pure awesome!

I was lucky enough to see The Electric Six for the 6th time live. Dick Valentine just may have been so coked out of his mind that he couldn’t open both eyes at once, but they still put on one hell of a good show. Also went to see The Cold War Kids, which I would rate as a phenomenally lackluster show. HOWEVER, their opening band, A Lull, totally rocked the joint.

Just as a public awareness reminder…..PEOPLE! Live music of ANY sort is good for your soul. Do it! Take the time to get you some of that. It’ll make you feel better on the inside. And? For god sake people, take a few steps out of the comfort zone, and stop only listening to the stuff you’ve been only listening to for the past 15 years. Go to an opera, go to a free show, go check out a local battle of the unknown bands, go to a church concert. Just do it. And if you’re local, ask me and I will always go with you, unless it’s country, in which case you’re on your own.

Bowman received a pogo stick, courtesy of his only aunt, for his 10th birthday. He is, I do believe, the only child in the neighborhood who is required to wear a helmet with using his pogo stick. Am I really that lame, you ask? Well, he taught himself how to go both down and up the stairs the day he got the thing, and is now spending a great deal of time pondering his ability to do a back flip with his pogo stick.

Hmmm. What else? I paid off my car, which feels super awesome. Taught some really great art classes, had my first taste of couture sewing, got to talk to the police about one of my kids, I hurt my back AGAIN, drove back from Seattle in the middle of the night to outmaneuver a freezing rain storm, and really got my yoga on.

I have yet to figure out who keeps carving smiley faces all the way through the soap in all the showers, why there was hot sauce smeared down a wall in the bathroom, who stole the only set of house keys we have, and why someone felt the need to wrap 100 feet of garden hose into my crab apple tree. To be fair, I haven’t actually bothered asking who did any of this, because who would be dumb enough to ‘fess up to that?

More to come…..spring time joys in Domestic Oblivion.


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Yay! Welcome back. I’ve missed you!

Comment by Turi

Well I guess I don\’t have to spend the weekend fiugrnig this one out!

Comment by Becky

Welcome back!

Comment by Ginny

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