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Houston, We Have A Teenager!
June 4, 2011, 8:05 pm
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Yesterday was the last day of school, and by all accounts, it was a great day.  I now have a kid in high school; a kid about to start summer school because he wants to get ahead; a girl who got perfect attendance, made the honor roll AND received Cum Laude on the national Latin exam; and a boy who really did work his butt off and received the best report card he’s ever gotten!  I am a proud mama.

One of our last day of school traditions is to have ice cream.  For dinner.  Not fruits, no veggies, just ice cream.  And it must be loaded with all sorts of delicious tasty numminses, and served in a huge cone bigger than Bowman’s head!

So at 5:00, to beat the rush of all the other families that just eat ice cream for dinner on the last day of school, we went to Cold Stone.  My directions were clear:  order whatever will make you happy, and then add whipped cream and sprinkles.  We sat outside in the courtyard, enjoying the sun, a beautiful fountain, and our treats.

So much ice cream was had that Bowman couldn’t finish his chocolate dipped, sprinkle covered waffle cone.  As he got to the bottom, he came across a frozen solid gummy bear (I’m not judging, but I question adding gummy bears to perfectly good ice cream).  He decided that the bear was too cold and too hard to enjoy, and before I could stop him, he spit it over the wall we were sitting on.

Five minutes later, Mason came and sat on the next to me.  Now, Mason has always been what a person might consider as cautious.  He says stuff like “why would anyone play football? they could really get hurt!”, and “wow, that’s not safe!”.  And he’s 14, which makes saying stuff like that sort of weird.  but we’re used to it.  So, Mason sat down next to me, and eventually took note of Bowman’s discarded gummy bear.

I was feeling sparky, so I said to Mason, just to freak him out, “Bowman spit that out about five minutes ago, and I’ll give you the five dollar bill in my wallet if you eat it”.  I knew full well it would just make him squirm and fall into a fit of waxing on and on about germs.  Sometimes?  Sometimes pushing the buttons is really, really fun.

Imagine my surprise when, in one swift movement, he picked up the bear, popped it into his mouth, and held out his hand.  With an ENORMOUS smile on his face!

And then he says…..

“You’re not REALLY at teenager until you eat something gross for money.”

Touché, young man.  Touché!


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Ok love the updates and I needed the laugh!
Your young man opps excuse me “teenager’ rocks!


Comment by kmilyun

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